Tips and Tricks to Help You Master Subway Surfers

What is Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is an addictive and free game that tests your sprinting, jumping, and logic skills on real-life maps in cities around the world.

Here’s the best way I can describe it to someone who has not tried it before: Imagine you are a kid on your way home from school and you decide to stop at the park for a quick snack and a short run.

The park isn’t fair, but there is a subway station nearby, so you hop on the train and go straight to your destination. While waiting for the train, you see a ghost walking in the street.

The ghost has seen you and flashes its eyes at you, making you nervous, which you always do when it comes to ghosts. Your mind starts working and you decide to find a better position to hide behind and to make a run for the door when the train arrives.

How to Play

Start your stream or game as normal. Choose a random player on the subway who is riding alone. Snatch them from their session.

The person you select should remain an unknown face to you, but it is important that the player you target remains an unknown face to everyone else.

They will be given a brief choice, either to stop their game or continue playing. Are they successful or fall into a trap? If you are lucky, they will choose the latter, allowing you to chat with them.

Trick Them The game is not over yet. If they choose to stop your game, you now have control. The rest of the players should be part of your mix, with the goal being to extract information from the player you have grabbed.


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Tips and Tricks to Help You Master Subway Surfers

Back in the good ol’ days of blogging, we used to post guides on how to build websites, how to run email campaigns, and stuff like that.

But nowadays, you are probably wondering: “Why would I care about creating my own guide? I don’t know how to make a site, so how do I create a guide?” Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you along your way to creating your very own guide! Make It Full of Pictures The most important thing for your intro is to have lots of pictures.

The keyword is pictured. You may have noticed that most subway surfing guides include tons of screenshots and photos. It’s just a fact of life for people who want to go viral.

Don’t Use Easy Website Builders When I write guides on how to build sites, the first thing I do is install Jekyll on my machine

Getting Started

Step 1 – Search for Your Keywords These are keywords you want to use on your blog posts and content. You’ll also need to use these on your blog name, article title, and thumbnail.

Go to Google and search for key phrases related to your topic: for example – “learn best practices to make better decisions”

Step 2 – Write and Edit Once you have done your keyword research, write out a general outline that includes what you want to include in each section.

Step 3 – Write and Edit Now, you’ll spend the rest of the day writing your piece. It’s a great idea to break it down into sections that will make your audience understand it more quickly. Your writing should be entertaining yet informative.

Step 4 – Edit Take your time on this step.

The Basics

In the beginning, a post should have a number of high-quality tips and tricks to help you master subway surfing in general, or, if you want to work on specific skills, your guide should have tips on those specific skills.

The Tips and Tricks article should look something like this: Tricks Soojitani Traffic Safety Tricks Essentials Skills & Strategy Explore the tutorial, right-click, and save it.

How to Choose the Right Target? The biggest mistake people make when writing their first tutorial is to choose a topic that is too specific, as your tutorial will probably be viewed by many readers and will include very specific concepts.

A better approach is to choose a topic that covers the most common things that new surfers need to learn and figure out.

Ghost Surfers

Ghost surfers are essentially people who come along and sit on the edge of the map but never actually surf the subway. Sometimes it is because of an amazing job opportunity, other times it is because they are spending all of their time somewhere else and just want to go home.

You can sometimes tell this a mile away by the fact that there are no people in the images on their profiles. These are some ways to tell a ghost rider:

There are no pictures posted on their profiles They are not surfing the maps No tags are used on any images You see ghosts all over the subway map.

It’s common for ghost riders to use the same locations, instead of moving around. It’s not worth doing any research into ghost riders because you will likely never catch them.

Coins and Keys

Below are some questions for your article.

How will the contents of your entry help your audience become better programmers?

How will the contents of your entry help your audience become more proficient at receiving subway surfers?

In what ways will your entry help your audience become more street smart? 4. What are the most important details of your entry?

In what ways will your entry be unique?

What is your purpose for creating this entry?

How can you make it unique? 8. In what ways will your entry be as complete as possible?

I hope you have a good week and keep learning! P.S. Don’t forget to comment below with your thoughts. Do you agree with my tips? Do you have a better suggestion?

Tricks and Secrets

Lists of Tips and Secrets are organized into sections based on the types of people who would like to hear them. Here is an example of an Instagram Trick you can add to your blog.

Tips to Help Build Your Audience: Some of the most successful Instagram users link out to Instagram posts, making it a great way to get traffic to your website.

To build this strategy in your social media account, create multiple Instagram accounts using different names. Use multiple Instagram accounts to repost the same Instagram post or a different one from one account.

Next, you must link out to the image with an action or button. For instance, say you created a photo from your recent trip to Paris.


Now that you have your new article idea, you should have a large picture in your head.

It’s time to write down what you have in mind. Get yourself a piece of paper and write down your initial draft. It doesn’t need to be perfect, just a rough outline.

Tip: Start by writing down at least 1–2 sentences that you want to write at the very beginning. Tackle each sentence in smaller detail and list out any questions that you might need to answer. When you are done with your rough outline, it will be time to start writing.

Try to do this writing without focusing on word count. This will help you to focus on the flow and really enjoy writing. Tip: The best time to write is when you are having a full stomach.


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