The Beginners Guide To PUBG Mobile [Updated]-2022

Worlds one of the best online multiplayer games is PUBG. That’s why everyone wants beginners guide to pubg and its tips and tricks.

Introduction about Beginners Guide to PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is a free-to-play military-style survival game by the creator of the original Resident Evil game, Hideki Kamiya.

This game is originally a PC game and is now available for every platform possible including the Xbox, PlayStation 4, the Nintendo Switch, and even for PC.

In this guide, we will be covering how to play the game if you are a first-time player of this game. For those who are willing to learn about the in-game cheat codes, then follow this guide for the full cheat code list.

PUBG Mobile’s developer, Tencent Games, partnered with Microsoft on releasing the game on the Windows Store. This is how to download and play PUBG Mobile on your Windows Store PC.

What is PUBG?

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a battle royale game from the developer of developer Bluehole. It is a real-time strategy survival game that is built for two players.

This game requires players to find a spot on the map which is basically a huge map with thousands of other players.

Here are the 20 things you need to know about PUBG Mobile: How to play PUBG Mobile You can download PUBG Mobile through the Google Play Store on the smartphones that support the mobile operating systems Android Oreo (Go Edition), Android Marshmallow, and Android Nougat.

If you have an iPhone, you can play PUBG Mobile with iOS devices running iOS 8.1 or later. You can also get PUBG Mobile via Airtel TV app on your smartphone if you have an Airtel 4G connection and a 4G SIM.

Beginners Guide to PUBG Mobile

Even if you have never played the game before, you will find that PUBG Mobile is quite easy to play.

The only tricky part is figuring out where the safety zone is so that you can play the game without getting killed by the dreaded ‘Flee Button’.

SEE ALSO: Best Games To Play In The Morning There are multiple ways of defeating the game. You can either seek a way to reach the safe zone or find a place to hideaway.

Here are some other ways of overcoming the game and reaching the safe zone. 1. Play the game in squad mode This is one of the easiest ways to play the game. This is because in PUBG you can play solo or in squads.

When you are in a squad, you get to see a lot of friends playing and strategize while you do the same.

Beginners Guide to PUBG Controls

The controls in PUBG Mobile are similar to other online multiplayer games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty. Although we discuss Beginners Guide to PUBG in simple word.

In Fortnite, controls are similar to a third-person shooter game. In PUBG Mobile, the control scheme is as simple as a third-person shooter.

You move with the L1, L2, and R1 buttons and the jump button is on the right side. Pressing the thumbstick down is the firing button and you can use it to aim or jump.

Camera The camera angle in PUBG Mobile is similar to other online shooters like Modern Warfare, Counter-Strike, and PUBG. To look for items, you use the mouse cursor to move your camera.

In PUBG Mobile, the camera will switch between the first and third-person camera at the top of the screen. Multi-player Map The PUBG Mobile Multi-player map for Fortnite is called Erangel.

How To Play PUBG Mobile

To play the game you need a PUBG Mobile data plan, which means you need to register an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of your smartphone. The IMEI number is the unique identifier of a mobile.

When you buy an iPhone, you have to enter the IMEI of your smartphone, when you buy an Android phone, you can either enter the IMEI or alternatively, you can scan the IMEI.

To get the IMEI number of your Android smartphone, you can look up your phone with your manufacturer’s website, or you can find your phone by looking up the IMEI number in your phone’s software. 1.

To register, you need to go to the Xposed Launcher. The Xposed Launcher is used for installing system apps on an Android smartphone, and it’s a great tool for customizing Android phones.

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Beginners Guide to PUBG Tips and Tricks 

If you’re playing PUBG Mobile for the first time or want to know how to get the very best out of PUBG Mobile, here are some tips you need to know.

With this article, you’ll learn: How to use the different guns available to you in PUBG. The best way to play the game. How to win a round of the game. How to use throwing knives and how they can get you out of sticky situations.

How to call for help in PUBG Mobile. PUBG Tips and Tricks How To Use The Guns Available In PUBG, there are different guns available to you. Every gun has a purpose and the aim is to use them to the maximum.

To understand how to use them to the maximum, you need to know their capacity and how many bullets can be fired with them. The Assault Rifles For this game, players usually opt for assault rifles.


So, the above question brings us to the very beginning of how to play this game. Whether you are new to this game or if you are a total PUBG expert, then you will find this guide useful for your future gameplay.

Having said that, the very first step that you have to take in order to start playing is to install PUBG on your iOS or Android device.

The app is free to download but the game is also packed with microtransactions that could cost you a pretty penny. You can always decide to go the way of free fun.

But before getting to that, you have to make sure that you have your device properly set up. Have the files downloaded, made sure that you have the space on your device to handle all the files that you will need.

Also, you should have your devices connected to the same wifi.

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